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7 Volleyball Spike Drills To Help You Get To The Next Level

How can I improve my volleyball spike? (3-5 tips) Get a good coach and practice a technique called wiping the block. You can also do this with a partner, not necessarily... Aim at the ball and hit it while standing at least four feet from the target spot. This way, you will hit the ball more... ...

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One of the best volleyball drills for hitting, I use in practices and in our weekly Friday Night Lights Open gym at Stupak Community Center, that will help you spike to the deep corners of the court is to play deep court double or triples, or four players against four players in volleyball practice.

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Volleyball Drills For Improved Spiking - Kbands Training

Volleyball Drills | Sets And Reps. Volleyball players should complete this drill in 30-45 seconds continually switching legs in each jump. After 45 seconds volleyball players should rest for about a minute and a half and then begin again. This will allow the volleyball player’s legs to come back and be ready to complete the drill again.

Beginner Volleyball Drills For Spiking | Set up for Volleyball

Beginner Volleyball Drills For Spiking Footwork and Approach for Spiking. The footwork or approach for spiking is actually very simple and easy to learn... Approach and Catch. Now the players understand the correct technique and approach it is time to train them to jump with... Approach and Header. ...

Spiking and Hitting Drills Archives - VOLLEYBALL 1 ON 1

Volleyball spiking and hitting drills to help teach you how to spike a volleyball like the pros. This is a series of indoor volleyball drills for outside, opposite, middle, back row, transition spiking and more. Also great drills to help hitters see the block and defense better and help improve hitting efficiency when the ball is spiked.

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Volleyball Drills for Hitting/Attacking/Spiking Team Approach Jumps Drill. Performing this drill allows volleyball players to improve their spiking skills dramatically. Game Simulated Hitting Drill. This drill involves simulating the situations of hitting during the game of volleyball. At... ...

Drills for Volleyball Spikes | SportsRec

Drills for Volleyball Spikes Spike Approach. Front-row players should initiate the spike approach from the 10-foot line. The proper approach allows... Wall Spikes. To work on precision and follow-through, send each player to a wall to practice wall-spikes. Standing... Pass-Set-Hit. You can split ...

7 Ways to Improve Your Spiking | ACTIVE

Aim straight ahead with your spiking arm "follow through," finishing with your spiking arm coming down across your body. The ball comes back over your outside shoulder to the outside of the volleyball court. Practice "wiping the block" at home with a ball against your garage.