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This led to a split in the original committee into the Football Assosiation (otherwise better known as FA) and the Rugby Football Union (known as RFU). Apart from the origins of the sports, they...

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A rugby pitch is 112-122 meters (122.5-133.4 yards) long and 68m (74.3 yards wide). Attached to the ends of this pitch are a pair of in-goal areas, the equivalent of an end zone, which can be from 5-22 meters (5.4-24.1 yards) deep.

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A football (soccer) pitch is typically 105mx68m (115yd x 74yd) at professional levels. Rugby union has more complicated rules for the field with “not to exceed” sizes - no more than 70m long, 100m wide, and with goal areas no more than 22m deep, but at least 10m deep. Rugby league is 100m x 68m with 10m goal areas - fixed field size.

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Rugby union allows full tackling above the knees and below the shoulders, whereas association football explicitly disallows tackling of that sort. Rugby union rules do not allow tackles above the plane of the shoulders. Only the player who has possession of the ball can be tackled.

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A football (soccer) pitch is 90-120m along the touchline (side line) and 45-90m wide with a total playing area of 4,050-10,800sq m. A rugby pitch is 106-144m long (including the in-goal area) by 68-70m wide with a playing area of 7,208-10,080sq m.

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In the U.S. there are 1,800 monthly Google searches for “rugby field,” compared to only 450 searches for “rugby pitch.” Conversely, in the U.K. there are 1,500 searches for “rugby pitch” and only 300 searches for “rugby field.” Like football (soccer) it’s all the same thing, just referred to by a different name.

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Rugby/Soccer Pitch. The centerpiece of the Hong Kong Football Club is a full-sized Rugby and Soccer Pitch in a floodlit stadium that can seat up to 2,750. As the home venue for the teams of the HKFC Rugby Section and the HKFC Soccer Section, which compete in their respective local leagues, this all-weather FIFA and World Rugby approved pitch ...

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Pitch type Description Recommended for which sport; Hybrid: 95% natural turf that is specially reinforced with 5% synthetic fibres. Best for high profile football and rugby.