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Outright | Definition of Outright by Merriam-Webster

Definition of outright. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : in entirety : completely rejected the proposal outright outright refuses to cooperate with law enforcement — Tim Murphy. 2 : on the spot : instantaneously was killed outright. 3 : without lien (see lien sense 1) or encumbrance (see encumbrance sense 2) purchased the property outright for cash.

OUTRIGHT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

outright definition: 1. completely or immediately: 2. complete: 3. completely or immediately: . Learn more.

Outright - definition of outright by The Free Dictionary

Define outright. outright synonyms, outright pronunciation, outright translation, English dictionary definition of outright. adv. 1. Without reservation or qualification; openly: finally responded outright to the question. 2. Completely and entirely; wholly: denied the charges...

Outright definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Outright means complete and total. She had failed to win an outright victory. The response of the audience varied from outright rejection to warm hospitality. Synonyms: definite, clear, certain, straight More Synonyms of outright. Outright is also an adverb. The peace plan wasn't rejected outright.

Outright Meaning | Best 24 Definitions of Outright

The definition of outright is complete or straightforward. An example of outright is one parent having total custody of their children. adjective. 5. 0. Completely and entirely; wholly. Denied the charges outright. adverb. 2.

outright | Origin and meaning of outright by Online Etymology ...

outright ( adv.) without any delay; he was killed outright. Synonyms: instantaneously / instantly / in a flash. 2. outright ( adj.) without reservation or exception; Synonyms: straight-out / unlimited. From wordnet.princeton.edu.

Outright theft definition and meaning | Collins English ...

Definition of 'outright'outright. (aʊtraɪt ) (aʊtraɪt ) Explore 'outright' in the dictionary. adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] You use outright to describe behaviour and actions that are open and direct, rather than indirect. [...]