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75 Vocabulary Words for Talking About Sports in Italian

There is an Italian baseball and softball federation, with a growing number of baseball and softball fields. Volleyball ( pallavolo ) is very well established, and there is also great interest in basketball ( pallacanestro, often called simply basket )—also cultivated since World War II, brought by the U.S. military—with teams and facilities in many cities and one of the best national teams in Europe.

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Italian. badminton. (il) badminton. baseball. (il) baseball. basketball. (la) pallacanestro. cricket. (il) cricket.

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Most important terms related to the basketball court This glossary of basketball terms is a list of definitions of terms used in the game of basketball . Like any other major sport, basketball features its own extensive vocabulary of unique words and phrases used by players, coaches, sports journalists, commentators, and fans.

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Basketball Terms: 55 Hoops Terms for Anyone Learning the Game ...

Basketball is a game filled with all sorts of lingo and slang. Analysts can throw around terms that may sound like a foreign language, but basketball jargon has a manageable learning curve. Here’s a list of 55 basketball terms to help new fans better understand the game:

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Inter (i nerazzurri black and blues/ i biscioni the snakes) Lazio (i biancocelesti white and sky blues/ le aquile the eagles) Roma (i giallorossi yellow and reds/ i lupi the wolves) Juventus (i ...

Basketball: Glossary of terms and definitions

Airball - A basketball shot that misses everything; net, backboard, and rim. Ally-oop - A pass high above the basketball rim that allows a player to catch and slam dunk or drop in the ball in one motion. Assist - A pass to another basketball player that leads directly to a made basket.

Basketball Slang & Terms to Sound Like a Pro

Learn some basketball slang and terms if you want to sound like a b-ball pro. Here’s a list of the most popular basketball terms and their meanings.

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The basketball-related content and materials contained within the Site (including, but not limited to, video, audio, photos, text, images, statistics, updated scores, logos and other intellectual ...