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Analyse basket ball matches to improve the performances of your teams and players - highlight what matters, identify key actions during the game, draw on the video and provide tactical and technical situations feedback for coaches, teams and players. Empower your teams, improve their tactical knowledge, and help your players make smarter in-game decisions.

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It contains variables about the game such as the date of the game, the NBA season number, and the names of the teams that played. It also has variables describing the performances for both home and away teams in the game, such as points scored and field goals attempted and made, and other team metrics.

Identifying Basketball Performance Indicators in Regular ...

Performance analysis in basketball is currently an essential tool for coaches and technical staff. This analysis method allows them to collect reliable information about their opponents, competition and, mainly, their own team. Basketball has been one of the most analyzed sports through notational analysis (Lorenzo et al., 2010).

Long-Term Analysis of Elite Basketball Players’ Game-Related ...

The results revealed that assists and free throws were the two TPIs mostly showing a positive trend during players’ careers. Specifically, the 91% of the studied players have a positive tendency in assists, with a mean slope of 0.15, and 73% of them have a positive tendency in free throws, with a mean slope of 0.95.

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Activity anaylsis e nables coaches and performers to make the important link between training and the actual performance of an activity. It involves recording and illustrating the physical demands on the performer in the competitive setting. These physical demands can then be translated to the training situation. The key to successful activity analysis centres on the training principle of specificity - that is, quality activity analysis helps coaches and performers gain specific knowledge ...


40 minutes of the active phase of the game the players covered a distance of 4,404 m on average and that during the passive phase, they covered an additional 1,831 meters. The players' average velocity of movement during the active phase of the game was 1.86 m/s. Although the players from one of the teams moved slightly faster and covered

Player Tracking and Analysis of Basketball Plays

Player Tracking and Analysis of Basketball Plays Evan Cheshire, Cibele Halasz, and Jose Krause Perin Abstract—We developed an algorithm that tracks the move-ments of ten different players from a video of a basketball game. With their position tracked, we then proceed to map the position of these players onto an image of a basketball court.

Physiologic Profile of Basketball Athletes

While a quarter of game play for a high school athlete lasts 8 minutes of clock time, an average segment of play may last only 12–20 s. 20 However, basketball players have been found to cover about 4500–5000 m (2.8–3.1 mi) during a 48–minute game. 4 Also, in a simulated practice game, players were found to spend only 34.1% of the time playing, 56.8% walking, and 9.0% standing. 20 Therefore, both the aerobic and anaerobic metabolic systems are required.3,4,24 When designing training ...

Exploring Game Performance in the National Basketball ...

Basketball performance depends primarily on shooting 2-point field-goals and on securing defensive rebounds [ 6 – 8 ]. In close contested games, however, fouls and free-throws exhibit increased importance for determining game outcome than for lesser contested games [ 8, 9 ].