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What Is A Dig In Volleyball? Lessons, Drills, And Techniques ...

When the coach hits, the digger must dig the ball in a way that they can catch their own dig as close to the target as possible. So there are 4 levels of consequence in this game. Catch their own dig in the small box = 3 points. Catch their dig in the big box = 2 points. Catch their dig outside the box areas = 1 point. Can’t catch their dig = out!

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How to Dig a Volleyball

Learning how to dig a volleyball is important for playing great defense. The best teams often develop great ball control which leads to frustrating their opponents into making hitting errors. Defensive Positioning. When preparing to dig, keep your feet wide enough apart so you are able to react and move quickly in any direction.


COACHING POINTS FOR DIGGING IN VOLLEYBALL. Before you can dig the ball, you must get into the proper stance. Have your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart with your knees bent. When you look down, your knees should reach out over your toes. Keep your shoulders square to the ball and relax.

Volleyball: Dig and Sideways Underhand Pass - Sportplan

COACHING POINTS. To keep players on their toes and encourage quick thinking players may alternately 'dig and pass sideways' or 'dig sideways and pass'. After each dig player must make few quick bent knees steps to establish a stable position and pass the ball.

Volleyball dig shot - Volleyball - essential skills and ...

Volleyball dig shot. The dig shot requires players to get low and to stop the ball touching the ground. When completed successfully the shot provides accurate and consistent passing, which is ...

How to Dig a Volleyball: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

A dig is one of the basic moves in volleyball, but doing it effectively is a challenge, especially when attempting to save a hard spike from hitting the ground (or your face!). Done properly, digging a spike is not simply a defensive...

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Digging remains a vital part of defensive volleyball, as it begins the transition from defense to offense. Not every shot will approach you directly, so you must read the play and head to where you believe the ball will end up. Using the proper digging technique ensures that you put the ball in the right place for ...

Coaching Volleyball Tips

Box Spiking Drill (Coaching Volleyball Tips) To improve POSITIONING, players should perform repetitions of hitting while standing at the net on a platform or box. Focus on hitting in the precise POSITION you want to be as if you were spiking a volleyball. Hit the ball above or in front of you, slightly to the left or slightly to the right.