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RULE NO. 8: Out-of-Bounds and Throw-In | NBA Official

The ball is out-of-bounds when it touches a player who is out-of-bounds or any other person, the floor, or any object on, above or outside of a boundary or the supports or back of the backboard....

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In basketball, a ball is out of bounds if it touches a player who is out of bounds or lands out of bounds on the floor. The ball is also out if it hits any of the objects behind the basket or backboard. When the ball goes out of bounds, whichever team sent it out loses possession.

What are the rules when throwing the ball in from out-of-bounds?

Basketball Out Of Bounds Rules You are out-of-bounds if you touch an object out of bounds. You can jump in the air out-of-bounds to keep the ball inbounds as long as your feet don’t touch the floor. It is only a violation if a player steps out of bounds and then is the first player to touch it after coming back ….

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ART. 2 . . . The ball is out of bounds: a. When it touches or is touched by: 1. A player who is out of bounds. 2. Any other person, the floor, or any object on or outside a boundary. 3. The supports or back of the backboard. 4. The ceiling, overhead equipment or supports. b. When it passes over a rectangular backboard. SECTION 2 CAUSING THE BALL TO GO OUT OF BOUNDS – INDIVIDUAL PLAYER ART. 1 .

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SITUATION A: A1, while holding the ball inbounds near the sideline, touches (a) player B1; (b) a photographer; (c) a coach; (d) an official, all of whom are out of bounds. RULING: A1 is not out of bounds in (a), (b), (c) or (d). To be out of bounds, A1 must touch the floor or some object on or outside a boundary line.

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From NCAA Men's Basketball 2013-14 and 2014-15 Rules, Rule 7 (Out of Bounds and the Throw-in), Section 1 (Out of Bounds - Player, Ball): Art. 2. The ball shall be out of bounds when it touches a player who is out of bounds, any other person, the floor or any object on or outside a boundary, the supports or back of the backboard, or the ceiling or overhead equipment.

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The rules of basketball make it pretty clear that you can't touch the ball while any part of you is out of bounds. The rules are different if a player steps out without the ball. Players who go out of bounds can legally rejoin the play and touch the ball once they have both feet back on the court.

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Topic Overview: If you hit your ball out of bounds or lose it (you have three minutes to search for your ball before it becomes lost), your only option is to go back to the spot of your previous stroke to play under stroke and distance. The only exceptions to this are if your ball is lost in a penalty area (when you can use any of the penalty area relief options) or lost in an abnormal ground condition or in an obstruction.